How to remove TOPO lines from sketchup

Written by erin mcmanaway | 13/05/2017

Google SketchUp is a free graphic modelling program that you can use to create objects, buildings and landscapes in 3-D. Once you have designed your topography, you may want to remove the topography (TOPO) lines from your project. This will leave only the shaded faces of the 3-D image when you go to render it as a picture. You can choose to hide or erase the lines completely to achieve this.

Open your 3-D project in SketchUp.

Click the "Wireframe" display button from the top right-hand corner of the toolbar. This will look like an empty cube outlined in black. This will remove all the faces of your image, leaving only the lines.

Click the "View" option from the toolbar and place a mark next to "Hidden Geometry." This will show the lines for all objects in your project.

Hold down the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard and press the "A" key. This will select all of the lines visible in the project.

Right-click on a line in the project and choose "Hide" or "Erase" to remove them. "Hide" will leave the lines in the project in case you need to use them again. "Erase" will completely remove the lines, but not the faces.

Choose the "Shaded" display button from the top right-hand corner of the toolbar. The faces of your project will reappear.

Click the "View" option and remove the check next to "Hidden Geometry." This will remove any dotted hidden lines and leave only the faces of the objects showing.


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