How to Finalize a Disk on a Panasonic DMR-E50

Updated February 21, 2017

The Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD recorder can record live television and will store the video data on a DVD disc. These discs can't be played on other DVD players, and other equipment, unless they are finalised. Finalising the disc will write the files so they are viewed as DVD movies by other players. Finalising a disc will also prevent the disc from being copied over. Before finalising the disc, be sure that you are satisfied with the contents because you won't be able to delete content from disc after it has been finalised.

Turn on the DVD player and TV. Make sure the disc to be finalised is inserted in the player.

Hit the "Function" key on the Panasonic DMR-E50 remote control.

Navigate to the "Other Functions" option on the screen with down arrow button on the remote. Select the option by hitting the "Enter" button.

Navigate to "DVD Management" and hit "Enter."

Select "Playback will start with." By default, the top menu is selected. Hit "Enter" to access the other option--"First Title on DVD." Hit "Enter" to return to the DVD management screen.

Navigate to "Finalize." Hit "Enter."

Select "Yes" to confirm finalising. Hit "Start" to begin finalising.

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