How to Unlock All Levels on "Tony Hawk's Project 8"

"Tony Hawk's Project 8" was released by Activision in November 2006 and challenges players to rise through the ranks to become the top skater in the world. Featuring enhanced physics and realistic controls, you must complete a series of tasks in each level to open up each of the eight levels in the game. While no cheats exist to open up specific levels, knowing what to look for in each level will help you complete your objectives and open up new areas.

Follow the storyline of the game and complete the goals for each part to unlock levels. Enter Suburbia and get a high score of at least 10,000, collect S-K-A-T-E and C-O-M-B-O, "Impossible" over the pillars, sticker slap four snowmen, find the secret disk in the upper room of the rundown garage, and land any trick off the swing. Enter the Downtown area and achieve a score of at least 15,000, collect S-K-A-T-E and C-O-M-B-O, destroy all five realty signs, knock over the billboard, airwalk over the clock, and find the secret disk in the big cup.

Go to the City Park area. Complete the Spot Challenges of a "Amphitheater Grind," "Broken Ankle Grind" and a "Crab Pool Jump." Finish the Photo Challenges, the Construction Crash, Mythical Turf War, Hometown Homage, Race to the Car Park and Combo the Nail.

Enter the High School area. Complete the Spot Challenges of "Eastwing Grind," "Snack Shack Manual," School Pool High," "Maintenance Manual," "Gym Roof Grind" and "Wavy Wallride." Finish the Photo Challenges, Bail for Points, Biology Nail, Courtyard Footage, Double Trouble, School Roof Demo, SKID makes the mark, School Banners, Big Audition, Mix the Chemicals, Scholastic Turf War, Race to the Shops, Beavers Turf War and the Pro Challenges.

Enter the Car Factory. Complete the challenges for Office Opener, His Name Was... Manual, Robot Arms Session, Filmer Challenge, Tricks Club, Tricks 101, Courtyard Session, Jeep Photo Op, Stalling for Time, Snaking Grind, Assembly Line Run, Courting Disaster and Munchy Manfred.

Go to Crete Park. Complete the challenges Coffee Grinds, Fun in the Sun, Dig Site, Trick Over the Wall, Sewer Bowl Photo Goal, Crete Park Tour, Drainage Ditch Loop, Trick It Up, Maneuver in the Sewer, Trick Into Oblivion, Manual Challenge, Competition! and Grind Challenge. Go to the Fun Park area or return to any other area; all levels should be unlocked.


For specific help on any of the challenges, it's best to look at a detailed walkthrough of the level in question. All challenges can be done on Am, Pro or Sick level (in order of ascending difficulty), and challenges only need to be cleared in Am level to open up new levels. However, certain parts of the storyline require you to be at least a certain level in experience, and that is gained more quickly by getting a level of Pro or Sick on your challenges. Challenges are marked on the map with an arrow.


You can go back to any mission to try to complete it at a higher level; this is an excellent way to get more experience points and continue raising your level.

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