How to Make Bumblebees Out of Construction Paper

Updated February 21, 2017

Beautifully coloured bumblebees are intriguing to children. Inspire some discussion about the winged insects that are the makers of honey with this paper craft. Kids of all ages can make their own bumblebee out of construction paper. Since this bee is comprised entirely of heart shapes, it would make a thoughtful present for a loved one when accompanied by a sweet written message from the child.

Cut three heart shapes from the yellow paper: one large heart and two smaller ones.

Cut a medium-sized heart and two very small hearts from the black paper. Cut two antennae from the black paper as well.

Cut a medium-sized, slim heart out of the red paper.

Colour the bumblebee's stripes onto the large yellow paper heart, using a crayon.

Make wings for the bumblebee by cutting the red paper heart in half. Glue one wing shape on each side of the yellow heart with the stripes.

Create the bee's face. Use the black medium-sized heart as the base. Make eyes by gluing the small yellow hearts onto the black paper base, and then gluing the smaller black hearts into the centre of those for the pupils.

Adhere your antennae to the top of the bee's face.

Complete your bee by gluing the black heart with the antennae (the face) on to your yellow heart with wings (the body).

Things You'll Need

  • Black, red and yellow construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Glue
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