How to stop a boxer dog from pulling on a leash

Updated February 21, 2017

The Boxer is a type of dog that loves to explore and socialise with other dogs and people. It can be difficult to train the boxer as they get easily distracted. Boxers will need plenty of praise as you try to train them right from wrong. One of the simplest training techniques is preventing your pet from pulling on the leash and dragging you around. Train with consistancy and give them plenty of positive reinforcement during and after the process.

Eliminate distractions. When you are training your boxer on your own, make sure there are no other dogs or people around during the time you plan your training session. This isn't a must, but it will help you train your pet that much faster.

Place the thumb of your right hand through the loop of the leash at the end. Loop the leash half way and hold it with your right hand. Keep your dog at your left side as you hold the leash with your left hand close to your body. Use the word heel to begin to move, starting with your left foot. This will keep the boxer close to you and have more control if he/she decides to start pulling on the leash.

Use your left hand as your guide. Walk straight and in circles to get your boxer used to walking close to you. Using your left hand that is closest to your dog, move it forward when starting to walk and pull closer towards you as you begin to turn or stop.

Give positive reinforcement. Give the boxer a treat when successful or use words such as "good boy/girl" or "very good" to encourage the dog to continue to listen.

Stay consistant. Hold the leash the same way every time you walk your boxer. If you are not consistant, your pet can get out of control and start pulling on the leash. As boxers are curious pets, they tend to put their heads down and sniff. Get their attention by make a sound, whistle, or by saying their name. This will help them stay focused as they walk.


Keep a collar on your dog's neck at all times. To help your boxer get used to the harness and leash, put the harness on your dog and leave it on throughout the day. Refrain from saying no to your boxer. This is a negative reinforcement that you want to stay away from when training.

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