How to Overclock an EEE PC 1000HE

Written by mark anderson | 13/05/2017
How to Overclock an EEE PC 1000HE
Overclocking your CPU in your Netbook can increase the performance of your computer. (cpu image by aldan from

Overclocking is a process by which users can increase the performance of their computer components by increasing the voltage brought through the motherboard to a selected component. Overclocking can be applied to computer components such as CPU's, RAM and GPU's. The Asus EEE PC 1000HE comes distributed with CPU that is under-clocked, or running under its potential clock speed. Many EEE PC users prefer to overclock their processors to get more power out of their netbooks. While the BIOS settings does not allow for users to overclock their components, the EEE PC 1000HE can be overclocked with the SetFSB Utility.

Download and Install SetFSB from the official website noted in the Resources section. Install the application with the default installation settings.

Run SetFSB from the Windows Start Menu by clicking "Start" > "Program Files" > "SetFSB" > "SetFSB." The application will start up in a new window.

Click on the "Control" button in the SetFSB interface to open the FSB control menus.

Click on the top slider in increments of 10 and click the "Set FSB" button to adjust the Front-Side Bus of your CPU. Continue this process until your system freezes to determine the maximum FSB setting.

Restart your computer and run SetFSB from the Start Menu.

Adjust your FSB setting to 10 units below the maximum FSB setting by clicking and adjusting the slider in the Control menu.

Click the "Set FSB" button to set your final overclocking settings for your CPU.

Things you need

  • SetFSB

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