How to Print on a DVD With a Laser Printer

Written by ray padgett | 13/05/2017
How to Print on a DVD With a Laser Printer
With the right laser printer, you can make a burnt DVD look professional. (cd on cd image by Stephen Kirkby from

As more people have begun downloading music and movies and burning them to disc, printer companies have begun to offer CD/DVD-compatible laser printers. With the right type of disc, the printer can place a professional-looking label on your burnt DVD. With the right set-up, you'll never need to scribble on a disc with permanent marker again.

Ensure your laser printer is CD/DVD-compatible if you haven't already. If you are unsure, consult the manual.

Open your printer control panel. For most printers, you can do this by selecting "Print" from any application, then clicking "Settings" or "Preferences." Some laser printers also install a little printer icon in the lower-right corner of your screen.

Look for and click on a tab or link labelled "Paper Type," "Paper Size" or "Media."

Click the drop-down box and select "CD/DVD."

Insert a printable DVD into your printer. You'll know a DVD is printable because the top will be white instead of silver or coloured. CD/DVD-compatible laser printers will have a special slot for this. Be sure the disc is facing the right way or the printer will print on the recordable side and ruin the disc.

Open the image or document you wish to print on the DVD.

Click "Print" from the application's "File" menu.

Click "Print."

Things you need

  • Printable DVD(s)

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