How to Improve the GHz Speed on a Dell Inspiron 1525

Your Dell laptop's processor is among its most important components. The processor is responsible for functions that allow your computer to efficiently run the operating system and all other software. The speed of your processor largely determines how fast your software will operate. Fortunately, you can improve your Dell Inspiron 1525's processor without actually replacing it. The laptop comes built with a two gigahertz (GHz) processor, which runs Windows XP. Upgrading your processor's speed involves changing your computer's power settings.

Turn on your laptop. Click the "Start" button in the lower left corner of your screen. Select "Control Panel."

Click "Performance and Maintenance," then click "Power Options." Select the "Max Battery" option in the "Power Settings" menu, which tells your laptop to run the processor at the highest speed possible.

Click "Change Advanced Power." Scroll down to "Processor Power Management." Click the small "plus" symbol to the right to expand the processor's power settings menu. Select "Maximum Processor State."

Enter the number "100" in the field shown in the "Maximum Processor State" window, which will assure your processor runs at full capacity when you perform any task.


While this will increase your processor speed, it is not an energy efficient way to run your laptop. It will quickly use up a lot of your battery time.

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