How to Search for Residential Addresses

Updated March 23, 2017

Knowing the residential addresses of friends and family is important for a variety of reasons --- to send birthday cards or holiday cards, to send out party invitations or to go for a visit. If you have an address book, but you have not kept it up to date or if a friend or family member has moved and you don't have their new address, you can easily find their new address information on the Internet. Please note you can only find residential addresses if the person has a land line listed in the phone book. If the person only has a mobile phone, you will not be able to find him/her by using the Internet.

Navigate to a people search website. There are multiple websites that provide people-searching services and allow you to search for residential addresses.,, and are four examples.

Choose the search function that allows you to search for people. On and, look for the link labelled "People." On, there is a link labelled "Find a Person" and on there is a separate search field on the main page labelled "Find a Person." This will allow you to make an advanced search for residential addresses.

Enter your search information. These websites allow you to search by either name or address. The more information you provide, such as first name, city and state, the better. If you are searching by name, you must provide the last name. If you are searching for the name of someone who lives in a particular house, you can enter the address information. When searching by address, you must provide the street name and number and the Postcode or city and state information. On the website, click the "Search" button when finished. For, and, click the "Find" button when finished. The missing information will appear if the information you entered is still current and if the person has a land line.

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