How to check voicemail on a T-Mobile phone if I forgot the password and my phone is broken?

Because issues with broken and malfunctioning mobile phones prevent users from accessing voicemail, networks such as T-Mobile have developed an alternative way for customers to retrieve messages when needed. The process of checking voicemail messages from another phone is not difficult but you will need to know your voicemail PIN code. If you've forgotten your PIN, call T-Mobile to request a password reset before attempting to check your voicemail.

Dial your own mobile number from any other telephone.

Press the "#" hash key to bypass your voicemail greeting and enter the main menu.

Input your PIN code when prompted.

Follow the audio prompts to hear and manage your new voicemail messages. if you want to set a new PIN or a greeting, or change any other settings, press the "*" key to take you to the main menu.


If your phone is broken, consider recording a new voicemail greeting to let people know you are temporarily without a mobile. Mention an alternative number where you can be reached in the meantime.

Dial "222" on a T-Mobile phone to set up voicemail on your new phone.

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