How to Play ActiveX With Firefox and Ubuntu

Written by jose leiva | 13/05/2017
How to Play ActiveX With Firefox and Ubuntu
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ActiveX, Firefox and Ubuntu are all free computer programs available online. ActiveX, a computer framework similar to Flash, can be downloaded alongside Shockwave from the Adobe website (see References). Firefox, a web browser made by Mozilla, is open-source, which means that users can make programming changes to improve the program. Ubuntu, another open-source program, is an operating system that uses the Linux platform. Playing ActiveX with Firefox on Ubuntu is not much different than doing so on Windows.

Open the Firefox web browser on your Ubuntu operating system.

Go to the Adobe Shockwave website to download and install Adobe Shockwave plus ActiveX.

Click "Agree and Install Now" to download and install the software. You have now successfully installed ActiveX on your computer.

Navigate to a website that uses ActiveX to make sure the installation worked.

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