How to talk to someone on skype

Updated February 21, 2017

Skype uses VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, to provide free or inexpensive international- and domestic-calling options. Use an Internet connection and Skype software designed for Windows, MacIntosh or Linux platforms to call mobile and landline phones, as well as other Skype users.

Open the Skype program. On a Windows computer, click the "Start" menu. Double-click the rectangular Skype icon. For a MacIntosh computer, find the Skype icon on the desktop or use the Finder. Once the Finder window has opened, click on Applications, then Skype.

Type in your user name and password on the Skype screen.

Click the name of the person you wish to call from the contacts list. For new contacts, search for them in the directory by entering their name, Skype number or e-mail address. Include a greeting in the message field, especially if the person is a business contact or may otherwise not recognise you.

Set your cursor on to the "Call" button. Click once. Listen for the ringtone. The call connected successfully. If you do not hear the phone ringing, click the "Call" button once more or check your Internet connection. Skype relies on an Internet signal.

Find the name in the contacts list if the mobile or landline number has been called before.

Open the "Call Phone" tab if this is the first time you are calling a landline or mobile number with Skype. A keypad appears on the screen.

Click the drop-down menu. It appears above the keypad. Select the applicable flag of the country you are calling.

Type the number next to the flag. Alternately, use the mouse to click on the numerals on the keypad. Click the "Call" button to dial. Look for a button on the bottom of the keypad bearing a phone receiver symbol.


Click the "End" button to end the call. Check the USB connection of the external microphone if the call recipient cannot hear you. If the adjustment does not remedy the problem, click "Check Settings." You can slide the bar back from side to side with the mouse to adjust the volume. If the problem persists, according to Skype: "Each version of Skype has better sound quality than the one before it. Ask the person you're speaking with to visit and download the latest version."

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