How to Use SpoofCard

Updated February 21, 2017

SpoofCard offers a service that allows you to spoof or play pranks on other people. You can block your phone number, change your phone number and even change your voice when you call other people. It should be kept in mind that SpoofCard is not legal in all states and SpoofCard should never be used for illegal activity. You should not use SpoofCard to participate in illegal activities or to threaten or harass people. Using SpoofCard in these ways is illegal and law enforcement can trace your computer's IP address back to you and press charges accordingly.

Open your Internet browser and go to

Press the "See Pricing" tab. SpoofCard provides pricing options from £3.20 up to £194.90.

Choose the SpoofCard package that you would like, make the purchase and proceed with order as prompted.

Check the email address that you provided when you ordered SpoofCard. Open the email that SpoofCard sent you and copy the PIN from that e-mail.

Return to

Click the "Login" tab at the top right of the screen and log in as prompted.

Select the "Spoof" option to begin spoofing.

Enter your phone number into the first box provided.

Enter the recipient's phone number into the second box provided.

Enter the phone number that you would like the recipient to see instead of your number in the third box provided.

Select the voice option you would like to use from the drop-down voice menu.

Select the "Place Call" tab at the bottom of the screen to begin your spoof call.


Check your state and the state where the call is being made to regarding SpoofCard laws. Spoofcard provides states that do and don't allow the use of SpoofCard on their website. Using SpoofCard for illegal activity should never be done.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer or cell phone with Internet capabilities
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