How to Send Photos Without an Attachment to a Mobile Phone

Updated March 23, 2017

Sending photos to cell phones can let your friends and family view your pictures while on the go. Recipients can view the photos quicker because you will not have to download the attachment. It is protocol to send the image from your e-mail because you cannot send a photo from your phone without it being attached to a message. You must be able to access your e-mail account from your cell phone in order to view the picture on a mobile phone.

Save the picture in a .jpg format by clicking the "Save as Type," and then clicking the "jpg" option. Click "Save" to continue.

Click "Start," "All Program," "Accessories," and then "Paint." On the "Paint" application, click "File," and then "Open" to prompt the "Open" menu.

Locate the photo, and then double click on it to open. Press "Edit" and "Copy" to copy the picture.

Access your e-mail account, and then right click the body of the message. Press "Paste" to place the picture as the actual message. Complete by placing the email address of the mobile phone into the "To:" field and place the title into the "Subject Title" field.

Complete the transmission by clicking the "Send" button on your e-mail account.


The recipients of the photos can use their phone's webmail application or access their web browser to retrieve the pictures. Enter username and password, click "Inbox," and select the message.

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