How to Contact Dell Computers Via Email

Dell Computers is a technology manufacturer that sells computers and various computer accessories. Along with its sales of laptops, desktops and server systems, it also provides support for its products. Dell has many support options available, including e-mail support. The email option may be difficult to find, but can be located from Dell's official website (see References).

Open a web browser, then type "" into the address bar. Press "Enter" to load the page.

Scroll to the bottom of the Dell website, then click the blue "Contact" link located near the very bottom. If you are having trouble seeing the links, click "Large Text," or press the "Ctrl" and "F" keys to open the "Find" window. Type "Contact" in the window, then click to search until you find the correct link at the bottom.

Click on the icon of the option that best matches your needs. For example, you can click on "Contact Technical Support" or "Contact Customer Service."

Click the green "E-Mail" button on the following page. Depending on the option you selected, an e-mail form will pop up that you can fill in with whatever information is required. Fill in the form, then click "Submit" or the appropriate link or button to send the email. Your inquiry will be sent to Dell.


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