How to Automate Email From Access

Written by emmanuelle douglas | 13/05/2017
How to Automate Email From Access
Automate e-mails from Access by using the SendObject action in a macro object. (e-mail image by fotoman_65 from

Access lets you automate tasks by utilising macro objects within the database. The macros can be assigned different tasks to performed once the macro is executed. Automating e-mail can be done by assigning e-mail output to the task that is being performed. After the task assignment is made, the email will be sent whenever the macro is run.

Open Access 2007 and select a database. Click a database from the Open Recent Database right task pane. The database opens.

Click the "Create" tab and select "Macros" from the Other group. Click "Macros" from the drop-down list. Select "SendObject" from the "Action" drop-down list. This command is used to send e-mails automatically when the macro is executed.

Click "Report" from the "Object Type" in the lower Action Arguments section. Select the report that will be automatically e-mailed from the "Object Name" drop-down list. Select an output format from the "Output Format" drop-down list. Type an e-mail address in the To field. This person will receive the email when the macro is run.

Add a subject in the Subject field. This will inform the recipient about the content of the email. Add additional details regarding the email in the Message Text area. Change the "Edit Message" option to "No" if you do not plan to edit the email prior to sending it. Select "Yes" if you want to review the email before it is sent.

Save the macro by clicking the "Save" icon on the Quick Access toolbar. Type a name in the Macro Name field. Click "OK." Run the macro by clicking the "Run" button on the ribbon. The macro will display a printing confirmation message. This is your indicator that the email has been sent to Outlook and will be sent using Microsoft Outlook.

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