Obtaining a Polish Passport

Updated July 19, 2017

All Polish citizens are eligible to apply for a passport, which must be done in person either in Poland or abroad at a Polish Consulate, according to the Polish Citizenship Guide (See Reference 1). All of Poland's adult passports are valid for 10 years and include biometric data in compliance with European Union regulations, according to Poland's Ministry of Interior and Administration (See Reference 2). Because of strict immigration guidelines, it is essential that people include all the correct application materials when seeking a passport.

Fill out the passport application form, which can be picked up at Polish Consulates, immigration offices or found online on websites such as, which belongs to Poland's Consulate General of the Republic in New York (See Reference 3).

Attach two identical pictures of yourself to the application. These photos should be 4.5 centimetres tall by 3.5 centimetres wide and should be a head shot without any hats or accessories (See Reference 2).

Collect the passport fee, which is 140 Polish zloty for adult passports, which is about £32 as of 2010 (See Reference 1 and 2).

Bring your original birth certificate if it is your first time applying for a passport. Otherwise, bring your current passport to your application appointment (See Reference 2).

Make an appointment and go in person to an immigration office in Poland or a Polish consulate if you are abroad. Bring all of the application materials and submit them.

Wait to receive the passport, which takes one month on average when applying inside Poland. However, it can take up to six months when applying from abroad (See Reference 1 and 2).


Passport applicants who are older than 70 and soldiers who are serving abroad do not have to pay the passport fee (See Reference 2). Students, retirees, victims of war or those being served by the social welfare system receive a 50 per cent discount on their passport fees (See Reference 2). If you are marrying a Polish native, be sure to bring a copy of the marriage license when applying for a passport.


A person cannot apply for a Polish passport without having Polish Citizenship Certification, so be sure to get this at a consulate or Polish government office before applying for a passport (See Reference 1). Passport application fees may be more expensive at a foreign consulate than within Poland, so be prepared to pay extra when abroad.

Things You'll Need

  • Application form
  • Passport fee
  • Two photographs
  • Birth certificate
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