How to position a direct TV satellite dish

Updated February 21, 2017

DirecTV offers its customers the chance to receive satellite programming. This is ideal if the customer lives in an area where cable television isn't available. DirecTV will furnish its customers with the satellite equipment, but to receive channels the dish must be aligned and installed with the orbiting satellites. Aligning the dish is easy to accomplish with two people.

Turn on your TV. After you hook the cable box to the TV, use your remote and click "Action" and then "Guide." You will see a list of options on the screen.

Select "Set Up" menu and "Installation." You will see the satellite signal. Use the down arrow until you reach "Position" and click "Select." Click the "Zip Code" box and enter your postcode. A new page will appear.

Write down the "Elevation" number. Move the disk to the "Elevation" number, using the markings on the mounting bracket that is holding the DirecTV dish. The azimuth is the compass direction based on zero. The azimuth will give you the east, west, north and south degrees of your location. The tilt of the satellite dish is the rotation.

Go back to the signal page. Have another person watch the signal on your TV as you position the dish on the outside. Move the dish according to the "Elevation" numbers. The person watching the signal should see the strength on the TV. The minimum strength signal is 89 or better.

Move the dish slowly to acquire the minimum signal strength. Once you obtain the signal strength, tighten the satellite dish in place.

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