Where Can I Check How Good My Graphics Card Is?

Updated July 20, 2017

Your graphics card controls the video display on your computer. It is what your monitor connects to for video output. Some people have powerful graphics cards to play lots of games, while others are fine with using the graphics card that came with their computer. It's important to check how good your graphics card is, though, so when you're installing new software you can check the minimum requirements needed for the software to run properly and know if your card is good enough.

Click on the "Start" button and in the search box type in "Run." When the option for the "Run" menu is found, click on it. A Run box will open.

Type "dxdiag" into the Run window and press the "Enter" key.

Click on the "Display" tab and wait for the utility to gather information on your display. Then, it will display information on how good your graphics card is.


If you would like to know how Microsoft ranks your graphics card, click on "Start" and then right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties." This will also list your graphics card and beside that listing will be a ranking between 1 and 5 stars. This is how Microsoft ranks how good your card is.

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