How to Replace Casters With Glides

Updated February 21, 2017

Having wheeled casters under furniture is one way to make the pieces easy to move and rearrange, but some floors allow casters to move too easily. In this case, removing the casters may be your best option. Rather than leave the furniture leg against the floor without protection, add an adjustable foot with a nylon glide, making the furniture more secure, yet allowing it to be moved as needed, without damage to your floors. There are two types of caster, fixed-plate, and spindle.

Turn the furniture over and locate the casters. Use a screwdriver or cordless drill to remove the screws to detach the caster plates, turning them counterclockwise. Remove the casters and dispose of them, or save them for reuse.

Locate the centre of the group of screw holes for each caster plate and mark the bottom of your furniture with a pencil in each spot for the T-nut.

Select a drill bit the correct size for the T-nut of your adjustable nylon glide foot; it will be labelled on the package. Drill a hole in each marked spot.

Tap the T-nuts into the holes with a hammer. Thread the bolt of each nylon glide foot into the threaded T-nut and tighten it finger tight. Tighten the foot further with a wrench, turning it clockwise until snug to help set the T-nut.

Turn the furniture over and pull each caster wheel out of its spindle pocket. Pry the metal sleeves, or pockets, out of the furniture legs with a flat screwdriver.

Select a nylon foot with a T-nut section the same diameter as the metal sleeve of the caster. Tap the T-nut into the hole in the furniture leg until the end plate of the T-nut is against the bottom of the furniture leg.

Thread the bolt of the adjustable nylon glide foot into the T-nut and finger tighten. Tighten the foot further with a wrench to twist the T-nut into the leg, turning it clockwise.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Cordless drill
  • Wrench
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