How to Set the Clock on a JVC Car Radio

Updated April 17, 2017

Many cars come with a JVC car radio. Most models will allow you to listen to CDs as well as radio stations while you cruise around in your vehicle. A JVC car radio also has a digital display that will show information about the music you are listening to as well as a digital clock. This clock, however, can get off if you remove the battery, change time zones or enter daylight saving time. The process to set the clock on your car radio is an easy one that only takes a few seconds to complete.

Hold down the "Sel" button on the face of your JVC car radio for several seconds until the display switches to a menu.

Press the "Left" or "Right" search button when the menu options appear. Keep pressing one of these buttons until you cycle through to an option that reads "Clock H."

Turn the control dial that you use to adjust the volume of your car radio. The current time on the clock will appear, and as you turn the dial, the hour number will change. Adjust it to the correct hour and wait a few seconds for the menu to return to the "Clock H" option.

Use the "Right" button to move to the next option on the menu, which will be "Clock M." This menu will allow you to adjust the minutes on the clock. Use the control dial to adjust the number until it reaches the correct minutes. Wait a few seconds and the menu will return to the "Clock M" setting.

Press the "Sel" button to finish the setting the clock. The menu will disappear and the display will return to where it was previously.


Do not attempt to set the clock on your JVC car radio while driving. Do this only while the car is parked in a safe spot.

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