Homemade Perfume for Kids

Perfume isn't just for adults, and some children really appreciate smelling fresh. Making a perfume for kids is just as easy as making an adult-formulated fragrance. Making it at home also provides you with an enriching craft in which you can involve your kids. From fruit scents to girlie and feminine florals, a child-friendly perfume recipe allows children to experiment with different scents for their bodies.

Mix 473ml of distilled water and 56.7gr of polysorbate 80 in a plastic spray bottle.

Mix a blend of fragrance oils in a separate glass dish. Child-friendly scents include fruity oils like grape, apples and melons. Even bubblegum fragrance oil is an option. Only mix up to 59.1ml total of the fragrance oils for this recipe.

Add the combined oils to plastic bottle containing the polysorbate 80 and distilled water.

Cap the bottle and shake it vigorously for two minutes.

Allow your children to experiment with the safe water-based perfume after bath time or to freshen their bedrooms.

Things You'll Need

  • Distilled water (454gr)
  • Fragrance oils (up to 56.7gr)
  • Polysorbate 80 (56.7gr)
  • Plastic spray bottle
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