How to Enlarge a Photo Without Losing Quality

Updated April 17, 2017

Making larger prints of your favourite photos is a great way to create homemade gifts or to decorate the walls of your home. However, enlarging photos with a lower resolution often results in blurry or pixelated images. Fortunately, a number of software developers have created image-enlarging tools that enhance enlarged images by getting rid of the blurriness and the pixelation, leaving you with a high-quality, enlarged photo.

Find a photo-enlarging software program that meets your needs and fits into your budget. Some of these programs can enlarge photos up to 400 per cent of their original size while others don't, but some programs are free to use and you must pay for others. (see resources)

Check your computer's operating system and memory capabilities against the system requirements of the program you want to download. Make sure you have the proper operating system and enough memory to support the program's operation on your computer. Download the program and restart your computer.

Launch the photo-enlarging software on your computer. Select the photo you want to enlarge by clicking on "Open," "Select Photo" or other similar option. Find where the photo is saved on your computer, click on it and click "OK."

Click on "Resize" or "Enlarge." Select the size you want to enlarge the photo to and wait for the program to update the photo to its new size. Use the options in the side or bottom menus to select the colour palettes used in the photo and to adjust the sharpness, texture, shadowing and pixelation of the photo. Most programs have a slide bar so you can click and drag to the left and right the photo reaches your desired level of clarity, colour and crispness.

Adjust different sections of the photo, based on their overall colour palette, until you have edited the entire photo or the section of it you wanted to enlarge. Some programs do this automatically for you but give you the option of making further edits. Save the photo in an easy-to-find location on your computer and move on to the next picture.

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