How to Make a Paper Lamborghini

Automobiles have fans all over the world. If a fan cannot buy her favourite life-size model, she may be interested in having models of the car around to admire. One very inexpensive way to have a model is to make one out of paper. It is easy to find free and downloadable paper toy model patterns on the Internet that can be printed, cut, and assembled in a few minutes' time. This paper project also makes a good children's project for school or a rainy day.

Search for and download the Lamborghini paper model pattern from the Internet. Websites such as and have models of Lamborghini available, as well as other makes and models of cars.

Print the pattern on glossy photo paper to make the finish of the car look as real as possible. Be advised that some patterns are presented on A4 paper, which is a European size of paper that is slightly different than the standard size in the USA. Make sure your pattern prints entirely on the paper you are using.

Examine the pattern printouts for information about how to assemble the model. There may be general or specific information about assembly. It may be presented in diagrams or text, so make sure you understand exactly what is required of you.

Cut out the model pieces with scissors or a craft knife. Make sure you do not cut off the tabs because you will use these to glue or tape the model together.

Start with the body of the car, if there is more than one piece, and bend the paper so that the tabs meet under the car. Glue or tape the tabs together to make the model start to look lifelike. Make sure the tabs line up with the correct corresponding tabs.

Move on to the smaller components of the model if there is more than one piece. Continue gluing or taping tabs until the smaller components, such as tires or fenders, are assembled. Attach the smaller components to the body of the car until the model is complete.


If you like, print the paper model pattern in black and white on non-glossy paper and colour it yourself before cutting out the pieces. There may be an indication on some pieces of the pattern to "smooth fold." This means that the tabs on these pieces will not be creased but that the piece will be curved slightly when it is attached to the car. It should be fairly self-explanatory during assembly why the directions are for "smooth fold." Many websites with downloadable paper model patterns are in languages other than English. You may be able to figure out how to get the download without knowing the language in which the website is written. If you cannot easily understand the website, move on to one that you can read.

Things You'll Need

  • Lamborghini paper model pattern
  • Computer and colour printer
  • Glossy photo printer paper
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Tape or glue
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