How to Clear a SC546 Error on a Ricoh

Written by patrick phelps | 13/05/2017
How to Clear a SC546 Error on a Ricoh
Error codes alert you to potential issues with different functions within a Ricoh copier. (error image by dead_account from

Ricoh copiers use error codes in order to alert users that there is a problem with the functioning of the copier. Codes that begin with "SC" refer to issues with the fuser area. While clearing the code can be accomplished by most users, it is important to point out that clearing the code does not fix the problem. Codes that reappear should be addressed by a certified Ricoh technician.

Press the "Clear Modes" button. This button will be on the main panel of the Ricoh copier.

Press the "1,0,7" keys in succession. You do not have to hold the buttons down at the same time but need to press and release them in this exact order.

Press and hold the "Stop" key. You will need to hold this button down until the Ricoh copier enters into service mode. The touch screen display will read "service mode" and three soft keys will appear.

Press the "exit" button. This button will be on the touch screen display in the upper right hand corner. Once pressed, the copier will return to normal operation mode.

Turn off the main power. The main power button will be located on the side or front of the copier, depending on which Ricoh model you are working on.

Turn the power back on. Once the copier is powered back up, the service code will be cleared.

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