Braun 7570 Repair

Part of the Syncro System series, the 7570 is an electric razor made by the Braun corporation. If you have a problem with your 7570, troubleshoot for common problems at home before taking the product into a Braun-certified dealer or shipping it directly to the Braun Shaver Service Department. Braun-certified repair centres, which are located on four continents, do not require a warranty or proof-of-purchase. Before taking in your 7570 electric razor, check for general maintenance or cleaning issues to save time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Check the indicator display. According to the 7570s User Instruction Manual, the LCD display shows the amount of time in hours and minutes that are left on the charge time, as well as any warnings that may indicate repair or maintenance needs. A "clean" message on the display indicates that it is time to clean the razor, an "oil" message means that you should lubricate the razor, and "temp" is a warning that the surrounding room temperature is too high or too low for charging. Temperature requirements allow nothing lower than 00 degrees Celsius, or 0 Celsius, and no more higher 54.4 degrees Celsius, or 55 Celsius.

Determine the condition and age of the 7570 and all parts. Your 7570s foil and cutter block must be replaced approximately every 18 months, or the razor will not perform at the optimum level, according to the User Manual. The part number for both the foil and cutter block is 7000. It can be purchased online or in person from a Braun retailer. If you have the two-year warranty handy, this covers the cost of a new foil and cutter block.

Clean the shaving foil weekly for an optimum shave. Remove the protective cap and turn off the razor. Press the release buttons on both sides of the shaver foil, careful not to completely remove from the razor's base. Hold the razor over a sink or basin and turn on the razor for 10 to 15 seconds to allow excess hair trimmings to empty out of the cutting block area.

Mail your 7570 razor to Braun's Shaver Service Department for repairs that you don't do yourself. If you have the two-year warranty and proof-of-purchase, ship the your razor to the Shaver Service Department, Braun U.S. Div., The Gillette Co., 400 Unicorn Park Drive, Woburn, MA 01801-3376. Include a letter describing the problem, along with the warranty and proof-of-purchase, states the 7570 User Instructions Manual.

Bring your 7570 razor to a Braun-certified dealer instead of mailing it. If you do not have a warranty and proof-of purchase, the warranty has expired, or you want to have your 7570 razor fixed locally, bring your razor to any of Braun's internationally located service centres. Braun's website provides a list of local repair centres by continent, country and state.


If you decide to bring your 7570 into a local, Braun-certified repair shop, call ahead first to comparison shop for the best quote, as well as information on the shop's turnaround time, hours and location.

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