How to organize a christening party

Updated November 22, 2016

Christenings, or naming ceremonies, are performed to give a person, young or old, a Christian name and acceptance into the church. Generally the ceremony is attended by family and close friends, with a party afterwards. According to 101 Baby Shower Ideas, the colour white is traditionally predominate for christening ceremonies and parties because white symbolises innocence and purity. It is a joyous time and a time for a celebration.

Decide what type of christening party you want to have. Traditional christening parties resemble a tea party with an assortment of sweet treats, pastries, light tea sandwiches, teas, coffee, punch, and, of course, a beautifully decorated white cake. Your christening parties can also be casual such as a brunch, buffet, or barbecue.

Choose and reserve the venue for the christening party. The party can be held at your home, the reception hall at the ceremony church, outdoors, or a private room at a restaurant or club. Anywhere that will accommodate the number of guests and suit the formal or informal structure of the party is suitable.

Send invitations to your family and friends who will be joining in the celebration. Include the specifics for the christening ceremony and the party afterwards. Send the invitations three to four weeks prior to the christening to allow your guests sufficient time to arrange to attend. Be sure to include a "RSVP by" date so you can accurately plan for party food.

Gather the decorations for the christening party. Although pastel-coloured items can be incorporated into the decorations, white should be the predominate colour. Tablecloths, napkins, cups and plates are white, but can have subtle coloured or white-on-white graphics. Flowers are often part of a christening party, with white roses and lilies often used. Other ideas for christening party decorations are white crepe paper streamers, balloons, twinkle lights, and candles. Symbols often used for christening party decorations include sea shells, Christian symbols, and doves.

Select the menu for the christening party. Take into consideration the type of party you have chosen, be it a brunch, buffet, barbecue, or a tea. If you are planning to have the party at home or the church, select items for the menu that can be prepared ahead of time. You may want to arrange to have the party catered or purchase menu items from a local restaurant.

Order the christening party cake at least one and a half to two weeks in advance of the party. The white decorated cake should bear the name of honoree and possibly the date. Ask the baker to add to the white roses, shells, or doves.


If you wish to send your christening party guests home with a favour, fill squares of white netting with white hard candies and nuts, then gather the netting edges together and tie with a white ribbon. Or, give small shell shaped candles or soaps as favours.

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