How to Remove the Governor on a Tecumseh Motor

Written by mark o'brien | 13/05/2017
How to Remove the Governor on a Tecumseh Motor
Remove the governor on a Tecumseh motor. (Motor image by Conny from

The governor on your Tecumseh motor regulates the speed at which the engine flywheel turns. The flywheel rotates the crankshaft of the motor, which is the main shaft that powers other pulleys, blades or gears. The governor is a plastic flap bolted next to the flywheel that blows away from the flywheel when it is spinning above the Tecumseh motor's rated RPMs (revolutions per minute). When the flap blows away from the flywheel, it closes the carburettor throttle to make the engine slow down. You will void the engine warranty by removing the governor, but the motor will run faster.

Shut off the Tecumseh motor.

Set the motor upright so the flywheel and engine shroud cover are facing you and the crankshaft is pointing away from you.

Fit the proper sockets on the bolts holding the engine shroud cover over the flywheel. There will be approximately six to eight bolts holding the cover onto the top of the motor, depending on the model.

Unscrew all the bolts and pull the engine shroud off the flywheel.

Locate the governor next to the flywheel. The governor will be a small, square, plastic flap that will have a single bolt holding it into the engine block and a small rod extending from the plastic flap to the carburettor.

Unscrew the governor bolt with the appropriate socket.

Unhook the connecting rod attached to governor from the eyelet on the top of the carburettor.

Set the governor and governor bolt in a safe place.

Replace the engine shroud and tighten all the bolts holding it on back into place with the proper sockets.

Things you need

  • Socket set and ratchet

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