How to scan my PC for a suitable graphics card

Updated February 21, 2017

All computers have some sort of a graphics card installed onto the system. This allows the computer the ability to run programs (such as video games) that use higher end graphics. It is always possible to upgrade the graphics card on the computer, so if you are looking to purchase a new graphics card for your Windows desktop you need to scan the computer for all the hardware specifications so you know what kind of graphics card your computer is able to use.

Power on the computer system, then click the "Start" button. From the pop-up menu choose "Control Panel."

Select the "System" option. A smaller window loads with all the hardware specifications running on the computer. Write this information down as you need it when determining the best graphics card for your PC.

Look up graphics cards either at a local store or online. Compare the hardware specifications on the hardware package to what is running on the computer. You must locate a graphics card that does not require higher end equipment than what your computer has, as this device is not going to work on your computer system.

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