How to Write on Glass Bottles

Updated July 19, 2017

Writing on glass can produce very beautiful artwork. Glass bottles can be designed to produce a vase, a pen holder or a decoration. There are many methods available for writing on a glass bottle. Which method you choose depends on the look you want your glass bottle to have. If you want a colourful glass bottle, a stained glass look, or something playful, use glass markers, paints or pens. For a more elegant look, etching cream provides a professional finish to a glass bottle.

Go to a craft store and choose the implement you would like to use when writing on your glass bottle. There are pens, markers and paints that can be used to draw on glass. Get different colours or use more than one type of writing implement.

Plan the design you would like to use on your bottle. For a more clean-cut design, use a stencil.

Draw your design on the glass bottle. Let the bottle dry for the amount of time specified on your writing implement. Do not handle the bottle before it has finished drying to prevent smudging.

Go to a craft store and buy glass etching cream, vinyl with adhesive on back, and a sharp knife or X-acto knife.

Place a piece of vinyl about the size of your design onto the glass bottle you will be writing on. Press over the vinyl with a squeegee, going from the inside of the vinyl out, to get out any air bubbles.

Transfer your design or words onto the vinyl by writing on it or by using transfer paper.

Cut out your design using a sharp knife or X-acto knife. Cut out the parts that you want to be etched.

Brush a thick layer of etching cream over the vinyl using a paintbrush.

Wait the amount of time given on the bottle of etching cream. Wash off the cream and peel off the vinyl to reveal your design.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass bottle
  • Stencils
  • Glass pen, paint, marker, or etching cream
  • X-Acto knife or other sharp knife (if you will be using etching cream)
  • Vinyl with adhesive on back (if you will be using etching cream)
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