How to make fake icebergs

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Whether you require fake icebergs for party decorations, film props, photography or a school science project, it may difficult to find a quick and easy way to make something with the texture and shade of icebergs. Icebergs are large pieces of ice that are formed on land and float along an ocean or lake. Because icebergs come in many shapes, this recipe will allow you to create an iceberg that is ideal for your creative or scientific uses.

Select one or several reference pictures that depict the shape and texture of icebergs. To create an accurate resemblance of the iceberg, at least one picture should show the shape of the iceberg underwater.

Set your plastic foam block on a clean, dry workspace. Use a saw to cut away pieces from the block until the mass roughly matches the same overall shape of the iceberg you would like to duplicate.

Cut away small portions of the foam mass, using a knife to detail the iceberg's shape. Continue to cut away small chunks of foam until you are satisfied with the iceberg's overall shape.

Add texture to the iceberg, duplicating any ridges or cracks that you see in the reference picture, using a nail. Press the tip of the nail into the foam and use it to rough the sides of the iceberg, creating a more realistic rendering. Continue to detail until you are satisfied with the iceberg's overall look.

Move the iceberg to a well-ventilated area. Spray the entire foam mass white, using spray paint. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry before continuing to the next step.

Add icy shadows to the iceberg by spraying light blue spray paint into the cracks and crevices you detailed. Use your reference picture as a guide when adding these artistic embellishments.

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