How to Send an RSS to SMS

Updated April 17, 2017

RSS feeds, or Really Simple Syndication, is a type of Web feed that is usually delivered to a PC either in the Web browser or e-mail software such as Outlook. These feeds relay pertinent information requested by the subscriber like various types of news or weather alerts. On top of the ability to receive RSS feeds on the computer, certain websites offer users a way to receive RSS feeds on a mobile phone or mobile device.

Go to

Enter the information on the sign-in form, including the URL for the RSS feeds.

Reply to the SMS sent by 2TXTU from the mobile phone. The free subscription is now activated and the subscribed RSS feeds will now be delivered to the mobile device.

Locate the cell phone number's personal e-mail address. This usually consists of the 10-digit mobile number @ message (mobile carrier), so a Verizon e-mail address would be similar to

Sign in to the RSS feeds account.

Add the mobile e-mail address to the account. This will send the RSS feeds to the account via SMS instead of e-mail.

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