How to Access the Toshiba Satellite A60 SP126 BIOS

Updated February 21, 2017

Accessing the BIOS menu on your laptop is something that every computer user should understand how to do. By entering the BIOS menu you can set the drive from which your laptop should boot, including USB drives. If you are interested in overclocking, you can adjust your CPU speed from the BIOS. If you own a Toshiba Satellite A60 SP126, accessing the BIOS is a straightforward task.

Power off your laptop. Leave the power cord connected and the laptop plugged into a working outlet.

Reboot your laptop and wait for the Toshiba logo to appear on your display screen.

Look in the left corner of the screen under the Toshiba logo. There will be a command to enter the BIOS menu. On most Satellite A60s, the command will tell you to press the "F2" key to enter the set-up menu. Set-up menu is just another name for the BIOS menu. Depending on the motherboard installed in your A60, you may not see the command to press "F2." If you don't see the command, press and hold the "ESC" key for three seconds when the logo screen appears. When you are prompted, press "F1" to enter the BIOS.

Use the arrow keys to navigate through the BIOS menu. Your mouse won't work in the BIOS menu. Use the arrow keys to scroll up and down, press "ENTER" to make a selection and press "ESC" to exit the BIOS menu and finish booting your laptop.


Document any changes you make in the BIOS so you can easily change things back the changes create problems with your laptop.

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