Passap Knitting Machine Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Knitting machines make knitting easy for anyone. People use knitting machines to create elaborate knitted blankets, sweaters and other items in a fraction of the time of hand-knitting. The user loads yarn into the machine and clicks the tab forcing the pattern card into the machine, and the machine knits the material according to the pattern card. Every type of knitting machine is a little bit different in its directions, and the Passap knitting machine is no exception. These instructions are for the Passap Jac-40, or hand-held, portable models. They instructions do not apply to tabletop models.

Make sure the Passap knitting machine is working by placing it in front of you, with the side with the words facing you. Pick it up, and push the black lever on the right side away from you. When it locks into place the pins pop out of the top. Push the lever forward and back to make sure none of the pins is stuck. If pins are stuck, push and pull them several times to loosen them.

Attach the punched pattern card by sitting the knitting machine on the flat surface, and leaning the side with the lettering down on the table away from you. Find the slot about 1 inch away from the edge closest to you, and slide the card in. The card has an arrow showing the correct way to load it into the machine. The black arrow loads on the bottom right side.

Lean the machine back to its original position on the flat surface. Flip the black lever on the right six times, advancing the stitch on the card.

Straighten the rods poking out the top (the pushers), and push the right lever down once, setting the pushers. Slip the yarn into the hooks at the end of the pushers, and click the lever on the right. As you click the lever, the card advances one row, pulling the yarn through the machine and knitting the pattern on the card. When the card slides out, simply reload it continuing the pattern. If you want a different pattern, slip in a new card. Change patterns only at the end of cards.

Tie off the end of the last row starting at the left side. Remove the loop from the last pusher on the left with a crochet hook. Slide the crochet hook inside the loop, and catch the second loop from the second pusher. Pull it through the first loop, and drop off the first loop. There is only one loop on the hook, and the first loop is held on by the second loop. Continue following the same instructions all the way across the pushers. When you reach the last pusher, slide the end of the yarn through the loop, and pull it tight. It works like a slipknot, and it closes up tight. Cut the end of the thread 5 inches long, thread it onto a yarn needle, and weave it into the knitted piece.


Roll your yarn into a ball before working, and place the ball into a small bag or box on the floor by your feet. The yarn rolls out easier, smoother and faster.

Things You'll Need

  • Pattern cards
  • Lightweight yarn
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
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