How to Scan to Outlook Express Email

Written by missy j. talbot | 13/05/2017
How to Scan to Outlook Express Email
Once you get Scan-To-Email set up, you can get your business done quickly. (laptop image by Ewe Degiampietro from

Scan to Email is a type of scanner and scanning program that scans documents and sends them directly to an e-mail message to be sent. In order to have Scan to Email, you need to have a scanner that is capable of this (check the box or manual) and the Scan to Email program that comes with the scanner. Once you have all of the components, setting up your scanner to send something to your Outlook Express is very easy.

Plug your scanner into the wall and into your computer. Make sure everything is turned on. Open up your scanning software, this should be the Scan to Email software that came with the scanner.

Select "Set Scanning Options" or "Scanning Options."

Select "Email Account for Scan to Email." Input your Microsoft Outlook Express e-mail address. You'll also need to input your password, because the program will need to access your e-mail account to send the documents to it.

Place a document in the scanner. Click the "Scan to Email" button and clarify that you'd like it sent to your e-mail account. Open your e-mail account on your computer. The document should appear as a new message.

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