How to Use BartPE to Reset Administrator Password

Updated February 21, 2017

The software program PE Builder can be used to create a Bart's Preinstalled Environment disc, or BartPE, which you can use to boot your computer from a disc. The bootable CD also enables users to write and read files to their computers' hard drives. You can use this program instead of WinPE to restore operating systems. One feature of the BartPE program is the ability to reset your Windows administrative password. If you must have access to an administrative account to make program changes, you can use BartPE to reset the password.

Got to "Start" and "Restart" on the computer. Tap the "Delete" key or "F8" repeatedly until you see the black Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) screen. Operating systems use different keys to start BIOS. Consult the computer manual or experiment with these two keys until BIOS starts.

Open the computer's disc drive and insert the BartPE CD.

Use the arrows to select the "Boot" option. Press "Enter." Use the arrows to choose the disc drive as a boot option. Press "F10" to lock in the settings and choose "Yes." Press "Enter." The computer will now restart.

Press the "Go" button after BartPE loads on the screen.

Go to "Programs," "Password Renew" and "Select Target Windows" on the BartPE menu.

Click on "My Computer," "C," "Windows," "Renew Existing User Password" and "Administrator." This procedure tells the BartPE program that you want to reset the administrator password.

Type in the new administrator password in the blank spaces and press "Install."

Remove the BartPE disc from the computer. Reboot the computer.

Things You'll Need

  • BartPE boot CD
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