Bose iPod Docking Troubleshooting

Updated March 23, 2017

If your Bose iPod Dock is not operating properly during use, you may want to consider some troubleshooting solutions. The Bose SoundDock plays the music on your iPod, and also charges the iPod while it is on the SoundDock. SoundDocks come with a universal dock adaptor that will fit most iPods, Bose recommends using the custom dock adaptor that Apple provides with each iPod purchase.

Remove your iPod from the dock. Wait 5 seconds. Place the iPod back into the dock; make sure the iPod is sitting in the dock securely.

Press "Play" on the remote or iPod. If you still have no sound, check to make sure the volume is up on the SoundDock.

Unplug the system and wait a minute to allow the system to reset. Plug the SoundDock back in and press "Play."

Stand in front of the dock and make sure there are no obstructions between you and the SoundDock receiver. Press any button on the remote to see if the iPod responds.

Replace the battery by turning the cover slightly to the left with a coin. After taking out the old battery of the remote, place the new battery in with the "+" sign facing up. Place the cover back on the remote by turning to the right with a coin, test the remote.

Unplug the system and wait a minute. Plug the system back in and test the remote again.

Remove the iPod from the dock.

Check the iPod and dock connectors to make sure there is no build-up of dust or debris. Blow lightly on the connecters to remove any dust.

Place the iPod into the dock with gentle pressure. Check to make sure the iPod is perfectly set into the dock. Your iPod should now show the battery charging.

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