How to Build a Hot Wheels NASCAR Diorama

Updated March 23, 2017

A Hot Wheels NASCAR diorama can honour your favourite racing team. It should include details that are specific to a NASCAR team or event. There are several diorama options such as a racetrack, a NASCAR garage or a pit crew station. You can combine these ideas into a very large diorama as well. The details are important when you are doing a logo specific diorama. Be sure to re-create the NASCAR logo as accurately as possible.

Sketch out the plans for your diorama. For example if you were going to do a racetrack then you would sketch out where you would want your track to go, the pit crew area and a place to put the stands for the fans. Include specific details in your diorama.

Create the base of the diorama on a large piece of plywood. Sketch the track and other sections of the diorama onto the plywood before you begin building. Build banking for the track using clay and wood. Paint the road black, and the area for the grass green. Paint the road for a pit stop as well.

Build the accessories you will need. Build the stands out of wood or cardboard, and you may only have the stands on one side of your diorama. Add a catch fence in front of the stands; this is used to protect the audience in the event of an accident. Add a start/finish to the track, along with a flag stand and flag man and the lights for caution and red flag. Create the pit crew stations and garage area with cardboard as well. Add people to the stands. You can make them yourself or purchase models from a craft store.

Paint the NASCAR logo on the track. Be sure to include it on the walls as well as other ads and sponsors that are on the walls.

Purchase the Hot Wheel NASCAR cars you want to place on your track. You may not want to put as many cars on your diorama as would be in a regular race.

Glue the cars to the diorama so they cannot move. If you want to be able to change the position of the cars you can simply place them where they need to go.

Place a car in the pit row and create a pit crew that is working on the car. This can be done with modelling clay or you can purchase figures to put into the diorama.


To create an even more detailed diorama choose an actual racetrack and build a diorama of it.

Things You'll Need

  • Plywood
  • Paint
  • Model cars
  • Cardboard
  • Hot Wheels NASCAR cars
  • Glue
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