How to Enable the Infrared on a Dell Latitude D630

Updated March 23, 2017

Dell Latitude laptops feature an infrared port that allows wireless communication with compatible devices, such as mouses and keyboards. Ideally, the port allows users to transfer data between another device without the use of cables. However, the port often poses a problem for users. The Dell Latitude D630 service manual includes no information beyond a basic description of the device and its usage, leaving users essentially on their own with a couple of strategies when attempting to enable the infrared port featured on their laptop.

Check that the device drivers are installed. Search for the infrared port in the Device Manager or Control Panel. If the device is found, drivers are present on the computer.

Visit the Dell website to update the driver for the device. You can locate driver downloads for the Dell Latitude D630 at the Dell's Drivers and Downloads page.

Enter the machine's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) by pressing F1 at start-up. Locate the device and activate. Start up the computer as normal. The device should be working.

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