How to Dispose of Paint Tins

Painting is a quick and inexpensive way to change the look of your home. Old paint tins can become hazardous household waste if you don't properly dispose of them. If you can still stir the paint well, it is usable. Latex paint is usable up to 10 years after using it the first time, and oil-based paints are usable up to 15 years later, unless it either has frozen and thawed. Store unused paint upside down and in a dry area where it will not freeze. Make sure it is not near a place where flames or sparks may occur. Proper disposal of empty paint tins will help keep the environment safe.

Ask everyone you know if they want the unused leftover paint. This prevents wasting usable paint.

Call your local city or county officials to ask where the nearest hazardous waste collection site is.

Jot down the location. If your city or county does not have a hazardous waste collection site, ask the person what to do with the paint tins.

Transport your paint tins to the appropriate location.

Leave the lid off the paint tin. This will prove to the trash collection people that the paint tin is empty.

Take your trash receptacle to the curb or another designated area on your regular trash pickup day.

Place the empty paint tin beside or on top of the trash receptacle for pickup.


If you do not want to waste leftover paint, give your project another coat of paint. Otherwise, use it for a smaller project, donate it or use it as primer for a different colour if it is a pale shade.

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