How to Make a Mobile Phone Cover

Mobile phones are small and can fit in the pocket or purse easily. However, with new phone models that have luxurious-looking finishes they also can scratch or bruise quickly. After paying for your phone you want to keep it in as good condition as possible. Buying a cover from a phone store or boutique can be quite costly. Try making a cover that reflects your personality and makes a statement that no store-bought cover could make.

Find a sturdy fabric that will keep your phone from getting scratched in your pocket or purse. Use corduroy instead of something thin like cotton or chiffon.

Lay the fabric on a flat surface. If it has a print on both sides, it does not matter how you lay the fabric. If one side is printed while the other side is not, the printed side should face the work surface.

Place the your phone screen side down on the fabric. Trace around the phone with the chalk, leaving an extra 1/2 inch on each side for the hem.

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. The tracing that you made should be on top of one side of the folded fabric. Cut along the chalk lines being careful to leave that ½ inch for hemming. When you are done, you will have two identical pieces.

Lay the pieces on top of each other with the printed or outer side facing in. Thread your needle with either matching thread or contrasting thread that complements the fabric.

Use a small running stitch 1/2 inch from the edges and sew the two pieces together starting on the upper right corner. Pass the needle in and out of the fabric and make sure that the stitches have the same lengths. You are only going to sew the two long sides and the bottom, leaving the top open.

Put the phone inside the case once you have sewn the last side. Check if the phone fits the case perfectly.

Tuck the edges of the top pieces over and hem them, as well.

Turn the case right side out. Stick your fingers into the corners to push the fabric corners out.

Decorate the case with trim, buttons or felt. Sew decorations on the case to secure them so that they will not fall out.


Make a couple of cases so that you can have covers that match your outfits.


A cover is not protection from mishandling and dropping your phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Corduroy or any thick fabric
  • Sewing chalk
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Decorations such as pieces of felt, buttons or trim
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