How to ripen avocados immediately

Updated February 21, 2017

A deliciously ripe avocado will give slightly, when pressed gently with a finger. If too soft, and overripe, it begins to take on a bitter flavour. When buying hard avocados at the produce stand, it is standard practice to give them time to ripen. Yet, if harvested too soon, no amount of time will be sufficient to ripen the avocado. The traditional method to speed up the ripening, of a properly harvested avocado, involves placing the fruit in a paper bag and storing in a kitchen cupboard for several days. Those who want immediate results look to the microwave.

Place the unpeeled avocado on a microwave safe plate and set in the microwave. Shut the microwave door.

Set the microwave on medium heat or 50 per cent, for one minute.

Turn the avocado over. Heat for another minute at medium heat or 50 per cent.


For better flavour results when rushing the ripening, place the avocado in a paper sack with an apple or banana, as the ethylene gas produced hastens the process. Keep at room temperature and the avocado might be ready in one to three days.


Microwave ripening softens the fruit without ripening the flavour, and can result in a bitter tasting avocado.

Things You'll Need

  • Microwave
  • Microwave safe plate
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