Making Invitations With Word

Updated April 17, 2017

Purchasing invitations for birthday parties, weddings or formal dinners can get expensive. You can use Microsoft Word 2007 preformatted invitation templates to make your own invitations for much less. These templates are a good starting point for invitation creation and can be modified to suit your individual activity. It helps to have a colour printer to make colour invitations, but you can also make stunning black-and-white ones. Try different types of paper and envelopes from your local business supply store to enhance the professional look and feel of your invitation.

Open Word and click on the "Microsoft Office" button. Click "New," and then click on the "Invitations" link in the left task pane of the New dialogue box.

Click on "Party Invitations" or choose a category from the middle task pane. The middle task pane changes to show various template thumbnails. The thumbnails give a general idea of what the invitation would look like before modification. Click on the "Party Invitation" template or another card selection, and then click on "Download." The invitation template appears in the document screen.

Click on the preinserted invitation text and type in your information. If the text box is not large enough for your text, stretch the text box. Click and hold the left mouse button over any handles on the text box. When the mouse cursor turns to a two-sided arrow, drag the text box to accommodate the text. Move the text box by positioning the mouse over the dashed lines of the text box. When the mouse cursor turns into a four-headed arrow, hold down the left mouse button to move the text box.

Change the preformatted graphic colours by clicking on a graphic in the invitation. Click on the "Format" tab and click on a "Color" thumbnail in the Shape Styles group to change the colour.

Modify the text and graphics until you have a personalised invitation for your event. Click on the "Microsoft Office" button and click "Save." Give the invitation a name in the File Name field and click "Save" to keep your work.

Print the invitation by clicking on the "Microsoft Office" button and clicking "Print." This invitation needs to be printed on one sheet of paper, front and back. This is called duplexing. To duplex the invitation, click the "Manual Duplex" check box in the Print dialogue box. The computer prompts you to insert the first printed page back in the printer so it can print on the opposite side.


You can make invitations with Microsoft Word 2003 or 2010, although the instructions are slightly different.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office 2007
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