My Jabra BT350 Won't Charge

Written by kallie johnson | 13/05/2017
My Jabra BT350 Won't Charge
A Bluetooth headset is a small device worn over the ear so a user can participate in a hands-free cellphone conversation. (bluetooth speakerphone image by gajatz from

A Jabra BT350 is a Bluetooth headset. The headset combines a headphone with a microphone, and is placed over the ear. Once paired, or connected, to a cellphone, the headset creates a hands-free way to speak on a cellphone. The device is powered by a rechargeable cell battery. If the battery won't charge, troubleshooting can help determine whether the battery or charger is not working.

Insert the charging cord into the charging socket on the bottom of the Jabra BT350.

Plug the charging cord into a power source. Depending on which charging cord you are using, the cord can be inserted into a computer USB port or an electrical socket. If using a computer USB port, turn the computer on for power.

Look at the LED light above the "Answer/End" button. If the LED light is red, the device is charging. If there is no illuminated light, the device is not receiving power. Try a different electrical socket or USB port for power. If the device is still not receiving power, the charging cord is not working correctly and should be replaced.

Remove the charging cord from the Jabra BT350 once the charging light turns green. This means the battery is fully charged.

Call Jabra support at 1-800-327-2320 if the battery still won't charge.

Things you need

  • Jabra BT350 battery charging cord

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