How to Troubleshoot My Toshiba Regza WLT66/67 LCD TV If There Is No Picture

Updated February 21, 2017

A loss of picture may be the most common issue experienced by televisions of any kind. The causes can be many, which sometimes makes troubleshooting the problem rather complicated. If turning the set off and on again does not restore the picture, it is important to know a few simple steps so you can properly address the problem and restore full service to your TV. Note that these steps can be easily applied to any type of TV (LCD, plasma or CRT).

Rescan for channels if you are watching cable TV through a coaxial input connection. To perform the channel scan, press the "Menu" button and arrow over to the "Scan" option. Press "Enter" and you will be prompted to enter a password; if you have not specified your own password the default is 0000. Select your state from the "Select Location" menu and press "OK" until your channel scan begins. Check for signal once the scan has completed.

Disconnect the cable or cables that attach the input device to the TV. If you are experiencing loss of signal on a DVD player connected with RCA cables, for example, disconnect the RCA cables from the TV, check them for any damage, and plug them back in.

Change the TV to an alternate input using the input selection control. This button is on the top of the TV and on the remote, and is only labelled with a circle containing an arrow pointing to the right; press this button a few times to check for signal on all the TV's inputs. If you have no signal on any of the TV's inputs, the TV will most likely need to be serviced. If all other input devices give signal but one device does not, you will need to troubleshoot that device individually for a possible malfunction.

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