Instructions for an ingraham digital timer

Updated March 23, 2017

In most instances you can manually control electronics in your home and office. When you are going to be out, you can just switch off a desk lamp on your way out the door. There are plenty of times when it can help to have an automatic system in place to control the power to various appliances. Holiday lights, for example, are often left on too long because the homeowner forgets to cut the power when they go to bed. Using an Ingraham digital timer provides more control and saves time and money.

Set the current day and time on the Ingraham digital timer. This is the base point that the machine will use to operate all timer programs. Press the "Set" button and hold it down until the "Day" icon flashes on the screen. Push the arrow buttons to select the correct day. Push the "Set" button until the "Hours" icon flashes. Use the arrow buttons to select the correct hour. Press the "Set" button until the "Minutes" icon flashes. Use the arrow buttons to select the current minute.

Select the time mode that you prefer. Press in and hold down the "Time" button to switch between an AM/PM or a 24-hour clock.

Program the timer. The Ingraham digital timer can hold up to 20 different programs. Press the right arrow button until the program number that you want appears next to the word "On." Press the "Set" button until the "Days" option flashes and use the arrows to select the days that you would like to timer to operate on for this particular program. Press the "Set" button until the "Hours" option flashes and use the arrows to select the hours in which the timer should operate. Press the "Set" button until the "Minutes" option flashes. Use the arrows to select the minutes needed. Press "Set" again until the program number you just worked with flashes, indicating that this timer program is on. Use the arrow button to either turn this timer program off or navigate to the next program number, repeating this process to program as many of the 20 available program slots as you like.

Set the countdown timer. When the Ingraham digital timer is in normal operating mode, press the left arrow key to initiate the countdown program. Press the "Set" button and use the arrow buttons to set the countdown time. When the display is flashing "On," press the "CTD" button to the top right of the machine to start the countdown. Press the "CTD" button at any time to pause the program.

Set the random timer program. Press the "RND" button on the Ingraham digital timer. An "RND" icon will appear on the right side of the screen.

Change the operating mode of the Ingraham digital timer by pressing the triangular button with the hand pointing to it. Select "Off" to turn the timer completely off. Select "On" to keep the timer turned on. Select "Auto" to switch to the timer programs you set in Step 1.

Change the digital timer to summer or winter time to accommodate the different hours of Daylight Savings Time. Press in and hold down the "Time" button and push the arrow buttons to switch between "BST" or summer time and "GMT" or winter time.

Press in the "R" button to reset the Ingraham digital timer.


The random timer setting is ideal for when you are away from home and want the house to appear occupied. Lights and other electronics plugged into the timer will randomly cycle on and off. The same control system the Ingraham digital timer uses is present in several other timer brands, including digital timers made by Homebase, Timex and Serva.

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