How to create free online birthday party invitations

Updated March 24, 2017

Creating birthday party invitations has never been easier. With so many useful websites offering invitation design, you can create the invite you think will be most appropriate for your party. You can skip the boring white card or simple e-mail invitation and opt for a colourful, theme-specific, customised invitation--one that jumps out at the readers and really gets them thinking about your birthday party. If you're having a themed birthday, you can find the right invitation online. Or, if you just want to make the invite classic and fancy, you can do that too. There are plenty of websites that offer free, easy invitation creation services.

Make sure you get all of the details of the party correct, including the location, date, time and any activities you may have planned or special instructions. Note these items of information and have them ready when creating your invitation. Also select your guests and have their e-mails and names ready if you'll be sending the invitations online.

Visit the website Evite. Register for an account--it's free--and then begin creating your invitation. Select the theme or look of your invitation, edit all the details and add the location, time and date and then begin selecting your guests. You can import them through an address book on the site or manually enter them. Click "send" and wait for the RSVPs from your guests.

Create invitations from scratch and then print them directly from the website by visiting Printable Online. This free website allows you to register and then create your invitation. You can also add your own photos. Visit the site, select the type, customise it and then print out the invitations. You can then send them via regular mail.

Create a more sassy invitation with some personality and humour at Rattlebox's website. You can create and customise an interesting birthday invitation--complete with video or music--and send it for free. All you need to do is register.

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