How to Convert Powerpoint to Scorm

The Shareable Content Object Reference Model standard defined by the Office of the United States Secretary of Defense describes how to handle data communication necessary for generating reports on training content usage. SCORM specifications define how to collect and organise content so it can be used and tracked by different learning management systems that provide administrative functions for online learning. While many complex authoring tools produce SCORM-compliant files, you can also convert simple PowerPoint files as well. Use SCORM-compliant files with different applications, from remote locations and on different computer platforms.

Download and install the free addon from the Microsoft Download site for Learning Essentials (use the link in Resources.) This tool for licensed Microsoft Office products supports SCORM standards.

Open your PowerPoint presentation containing training content. Click the “Add-Ins” menu tab. From the “Learning Objects Tools” menu, select the “Preview Learning Object” option. Click the “Save with SCORM API” check box so that you can see the code in your preview. The preview guide opens in your browser. The section on the left allows you to navigate through the package. Click the “[Next]” button to navigate through the pages of your training presentation.

Click the “Save Learning Object” button in your PowerPoint presentation to save your file. Click the toggle button to save the complete presentation or select the slides you want. Select the SCORM version (for example, “SCORM 2004”) and the file format (for example, “ZIP".) Select the browser setting (for example, “Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher (high fidelity)”) and then click the “Save” button. Enter a file name and click the “Save” button.

Click the “Project Assistance” option from the “Teacher Tools” menu to open a window containing a checklist for SCORM-compliant presentation development. This guide helps with prewriting, writing, design, edit and presenting tasks. Click the “?” button to display the “Learning Essentials” help file that provides details about creating and troubleshooting SCORM-compliant files from PowerPoint presentations.


The “Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office” addon allows you to convert your PowerPoint training presentation into content usable by any SCORM-compliant learning management system. Learning Essentials includes tools for authoring new content as well. Learning Essentials uses HunterStone THESIS to help you create online SCORM-compliant training sessions from your existing PowerPoint presentations without using additional authoring software.

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