The Black Velvet Line Dance Instruction

Updated February 21, 2017

Line dancing is a type of dance that is performed by one or more lines of people who are performing the same patterns of dance steps simultaneously. The Black Velvet line dance is a country line dance consisting of a 16-beat pattern. The steps used in the Black Velvet line dance are common line dance steps that are easy enough for even beginners to learn after a little practice.

Stand straight with your weight on your left foot and tap your right foot out to the right.

Shift your weight to your right foot and tap your left foot out to the left on the second beat of the routine.

Repeat steps one and two for beats three and four.

Perform a kick ball change with your right foot. This means that you will kick with your right foot, place your right foot back down, pick up your left foot as you shift weight onto your right foot and then place your left foot back on the floor. Do this twice for beats five and six.

Step forward with your right foot and pivot so that you turn your body 180 degrees (you will be facing the opposite direction). Place your weight back onto your left foot as you complete the turn. This will coincide with beat seven.

Perform two more kick ball changes with your right foot for beats eight and nine.

Step forward with your right foot and turn around 180 degrees so that your are facing the same direction that you were facing at the beginning of the dance. This will make up the tenth beat.

Step forward with your right foot. Shift your weight back onto your left foot while leaving your right foot in front of you, and shift quickly back onto your right foot. Step forward with your left foot so that your left foot moves in front of your right foot. Shift your weight back to your right foot, which is still behind you and then back onto your left. You will be moving forward across the floor for this move, which comprises beats 11 and 12. Sometimes lines of dancers change place during this move (if the dancers began the dance with the lines facing each other).

Step forward on your right foot, pivot and turn 180 degrees, bringing your weight back to your left foot. This makes up beat 13.

Repeat step eight but this time begin on your left foot. This will take up beats 14 and 15.

Repeat step nine to end the dance on the sixteenth beat. Repeat the entire pattern again as many times as necessary during the song.

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