How to build a glass bottle garden wall

Updated February 21, 2017

Recycle colourful glass bottles into a decorative wall for your garden. Glass bottle garden walls can also function as a separation between sections of your landscape or as a border. Glass bottle walls are sturdier than fences due to the construction of the frame. Build the garden wall as tall and as wide as you like.

Select concrete blocks for the glass bottle wall with two or three holes. Measure an individual block.

Excavate the area where you plan to build the garden wall. Remove grass, rocks and debris to prepare for the concrete footing pad. Concrete footings for concrete block walls should be at least twice as deep as the wall thickness and at least twice as wide. You can make a glass bottle garden wall with stacked rows of concrete blocks, one row deep.

Place the boards horizontally along the front and back outside edges of the excavated area. The boards make the frame for the concrete footing pad. Hold the boards in place with wooden stakes placed every 1 metre. Drive the stakes into the ground adjacent to the boards. Make sure that the boards are level on both sides.

Cut boards to fit the width of the concrete footing frame. Place the boards perpendicular to the horizontal boards at each end. Hold the boards in place with wooden stakes.

Mix and pour concrete into the footing frame. Level the concrete by dragging the edge of a board over the poured mixture. Allow the concrete pad to cure.

Run a wavy bead of waterproof construction adhesive along the centre of the concrete footing pad. Fit a single row of concrete blocks on top of the adhesive. Make sure that the holes in the concrete blocks are facing you. You can also lay the concrete blocks with mortar mix.

Run a wavy bead of waterproof construction adhesive along the tops of the row of concrete blocks. Press another row of concrete blocks on top of the first row with the holes facing you.

Stack three more rows of concrete blocks using the same procedure to make a garden wall. If the wall is higher than four stacked blocks, use mortar between the layers. Let the adhesive dry.

Glue glass bottles in each of the concrete block holes with clear waterproof construction adhesive. If you are placing single bottles in each opening, lay the bottles so that the bottoms face you. If you are stacking glass bottles in each opening, arrange them as you like, but glue the bottles to the block and to each other.

Things You'll Need

  • Concrete blocks
  • Tape measure
  • Shovel
  • 60 cm by 1.2 m (2 ft by 4 ft) boards
  • Wood stakes
  • Concrete mix
  • Spirit level
  • Clear waterproof construction adhesive
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